Fully Web based solution

SKOLMS is a fully Web based solution. No effort, no time and therefore no cost needed for system installation and configuration on your PC’s. A simple click via SKOLMS link and you will start browsing your stock.

Completely compatible with major browsers

SKOLMS is completely compatible with all major browsers like IE 8 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.  SKOLMS is also works good on tablets.

Anyone can use – Elegant Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Inventory management software are usually built with a lot of difficult general terms with complex user interface that require many large sessions of training. But this is not the case with SKOLMS. Training is no longer an issue. Anyone can use it quite easily. Its comprehensive and elegant Graphical User Interface (GUI) make it very easy to understand and use.

Special and most advanced technology and techniques

SKOLMS is designed using special and most advanced techniques to provide you with incredibly fast tracking and retrieval of your data. Inventory is all about products/items and their operations. SKOLMS provides fastest text based search feature.

Low bandwidth consumption

Slow internet or bandwidth limitation is no longer an issue, SKOLMS neither requires hours to enter your data nor significantly increases your bandwidth consumption.

Complete and correct information

SKOLMS provides you complete and correct information on right time.

SKOLMS maintains complete transaction log

SKOLMS maintains complete transactions log that makes sure no hidden or intentional mistakes can be done and makes all the data auditable.

Attach your documents with every transaction/entry

One of the most demanding feature is to attach physical documents’ scanned copy with different transactions like, PO, GRN, Delivery notes, Items pictures etc. SKOLMS gives the facility to attach any number of your scanned documents or PDF files at any entry form and makes it easy to access them along with every dossiers.

Multiple levels of warehouses

One of SKOLMS unique feature is the robust structure of warehouse management. You can define as many warehouses as you want with the facility to create hierarchy of warehouses without having limit on the levels. On top of that you can set access level on each warehouse for different users.

Facility to segregate your locations

SKOLMS also provides you facility to segregate your locations on the basis of their types.

Fictional warehouses

Fictional warehouses can be created, hidden or removed as deemed necessary.

Specialized OCTG parameters

SKOLMS has introduced specialized parameters for OCTG companies to make their work more faster and easy to manage. You can define your own parameters that are usable in the system to filter your data.

Complete Inventory Control System with large set of output reports.

SKOLMS is complete Inventory control and warehouse management system, SKOLMS provides all aspects of inventory transactions like Requisition, Purchase order, Good Receiving Note (GRN), Delivery Note (Delivery order), Stock Transfer Note and Stock Adjustments. It provides a big set of reports that covers almost every aspect you need from a good inventory control and warehouse management system.

Full control over data and user security

This inventory control system provides you full control over your data and their access. You are the captain who can set access level on almost every aspect of information. You can set either a specific user can view or modify or delete any data from the system. You can set which of report is accessible by who. You can set which of the warehouse is accessible by which user during making a transaction. So in every aspect SKOLMS provides you the best user security features.

Fully Managed cloud based SSL secured solution

Cloud based inventory control and warehouse management system makes you free from all worries of server or hosting managements, backup management, online server security or all such matters that require IT administration. You can just focus on your business without worrying about any technical issues related to the solution.